A retired business mogul. An esteemed legislator. A literary luminary.

This multifaceted maestro roams the realms of business, politics, and literature with ease. Armed with a philosophy degree, a business administration master’s and PhD, and a distinguished teaching career, he has inspired countless minds and continues to etch an indelible mark upon the world.

About the author

Tracy Emerick

The author is a very busy retired individual. He has authored two marketing books, operated a direct marketing agency for twenty years, and spent ten years in marketing and business development consulting. While writing this work, he served as a state representative, moderator of his church, and chair of his town's planning board. He has taught at several universities at the graduate level. He has been married to his wife for fifty-three years, has two children and five grandchildren. His education includes a BA in philosophy, a master's in business administration (MBA), and a PhD in business administration.

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